Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Press Release - Essense of Gluic by Anthony Wedgeworth

I just received the press release from the author, but haven't read the book. A review  copy has been requested.

New YA/Adult Fantasy Novel: Altered Creatures: Essence of Gluic

Dubuque, IA - Oct 25, 2010 - Author Anthony Wedgeworth announces the release of book three in his six book fantasy series, Altered Creatures: Essence of Gluic.

War is pending as Bakalor, the Demon of the underworld, sends his minions out to ensure total destruction of all those who live above ground in the sun. His plan to resurface and rule the world is nearing the final stages as he tricks land dwelling leaders into a war that will cause them to wipe each other off the face of the earth. Ergrauth, the demon of the Del'Unday, leads his army of Altered Creatures to the final battle in order to capture the world before Bakalor claims it for himself. Unknown to the underworld demon, Ergrauth has no plans to share in his bounty.

Learning of the pending war plans, young Thorik Dain struggles to prevent the war from occurring in the first place, pulling him from his primary mission of saving his family and friends. Unaware that he is being used as a pawn by the powerful leaders and demons of Terra Australis, Thorik's desire to return his family to the safety of their small village inadvertently puts his life, as well as the lives of everyone who is trying to help him, in danger.

Follow Thorik Dain on his exciting adventures through a new unexplored land as he
comes face to face with dragons, giants, overwhelming magic, altered beasts, battle-risen undead, and even deceivers amongst his closest allies. Weighing upon Thorik's shoulders is his uncle's desire to control him, his mentor's obsession to vanquish a new rising leader, and Thorik's own internal demons of self-doubt. The land's destiny is in Thorik's hands, while his confidence and conviction to his beliefs will define his own fate.
About the book:

Altered Creatures: Essence of Gluic by Anthony Wedgeworth
ISBN: 978-0578063379
Publisher: Anthony G. Wedgeworth
Date of publish: August 29, 2010
Pages: 296
S.R.P.: $19.96

About the author:

Anthony Wedgeworth's character-driven groundbreaking epic fantasy evolved from 30 years of notes he made about this journey. Conceived from all of the travels he had as a youth, he took notes about the various cultures and terrain. Moving every 3 to 18 months, his father moved the family all over the world, including a stint in Madagascar, Africa which was still very tribal in culture at the time.

Wedgeworth grew up with severe dyslexia, causing him to fight his way through most classes, making him a stronger person and more resilient to challenges in life. Overcoming his learning disability, he worked that much harder and eventually became vice president of engineering at a major corporation as well as an owner of various companies. After receiving awards for several of his short stories, he knew it was time to finally write his long-awaited novels. Today, when he isn't writing in his Iowan home near the upper Mississippi River bluffs, he speaks at local schools to encourage children to overcome their challenges regardless of what it is.

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