Tuesday, September 28, 2010

GameEarth by Kevin Anderson

Gamearth (The Gamearth Trilogy)As a former Dungeons & Dragons player, I enjoy a good D&D ripoff novel as well as the next barbarian...the key word here being "good." I'm afraid that Anderson's GameEarth doesn't really fall into that category. The novel contains two plots - the story of the four kids playing a game of which some have grown tired, and the story of the PCs and NPCs in the world generated by that game.

Anderson does generate an interesting effect, by having the characters in GameEarth acknowledge that their world has grown old, that all the evil monsters have been killed, all the great heroes left to regale their glory days amidst a sea of tavern ale, and that there's nothing much worth living for. I'm afraid, though, that this sort of attitude won't carry a tale past the first fifty pages, and it didn't. The most unbelievable thing about this novel is that he actually wrote a sequel... two of them...and they got published...and reprinted???

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