Friday, September 17, 2010

Dia Ultima

The Girls at Casa da Guia
So, today was really really lazy. Didn't rush around at all in the morning, just had a couple cafes, a bowl of cereal, some bread and cheese, unpacked everything and re-packed for the trip home, leaving space for gifts to take home. Michele and I walked over to the Neto's market and chatted with them for a little bit, while Manny was still abed. Picked up some backup batteries for the camera, and a few other things. Walked back to the house and rousted Manny, then we all went out to the local mall and wandered around, picking up a few things to take home. Different set of stores, mostly, but nothing I can tell you about malls here is any different from what it's like at home.

Went by a grocery store and picked up some frozen lasagna (that's not Portugese) for lunch, ate with the whole family, except Manny's younger brother. We went down to a little "fair" by the Boca de Inferno and picked up a few more souvenirs to bring home, cheaply. Stopped at a flower shop and bought a beautiful orchidia arrangement for Irene.

Cliffs at Casa da Gaia
Relaxed around the house, reading, for a while. Around 7 pm, we went with Manny and Lucy and her fiancee, David, down to Casa da Guia, a little commercial area down by the cliffs overlooking the sea, walked around for a bit, then settled in for some cafes and the lovely view, had a great conversation about South Africa, Portugal, and America, the differences and similarities.

Went on back to the house at 9, and Irene had fixed some seafood pasta that was delicious. Manny's friend, Ricardo, had brought us some wine from his mother's brokerage, as a gift to take home, so then we decided, at nearly 11, to zoom over to the store and get some cheeses and sausages to bring home, as well, and Manuel got a couple bottles of port from his store, and we went crazy with the bubble wrap and filled up a suitcase to take home in checked luggage. Here's hoping it all arrives safely in SLC. Off to bed way too late now.

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