Monday, August 9, 2010

Magic on the Storm by Devon Monk

Magic on the Storm
The fourth book in Monk's Allie Beckstrom series is pretty good, but I'm not certain it was quite as good as the previous novel, Magic in the Shadows. Allie has been training with the magic users of The Authority for a few months now, though we don't get to read about what that training really entails, it's just mentioned in passing here and there. She's been training with Zayvion and perhaps some others in physical self-defense, learning to use swords, knives and other implements of mass destruction. She's also gotten a building rented for her Hounds to use, where they can meet, or stay when they've nowhere else to go.

There's a storm brewing...literally and figuratively. The magic users in the Northwest have become aware that there's a massive wild magic storm brewing, much like the one that cost Allie a big chunk of her memory and some downtime in a coma in the first book, Magic in the Blood. There's also a storm brewing within the Authority, itself, between the factions which have different ideas about how magic should be used and who should control it.

Allie's old enemies, Chase and Greyson, are still out for her blood, and her father's ghost. Greyson has been confined by the Authority. The magic users are trying to figure out how to free him from his half man/half beast state, but Chase can't wait, and when the wild storm causes magic to surge, she breaks him loose. Allie, Zayvion and Shamus try to track Greyson down and either recapture or kill him, but in the middle of a storm, anything that can go Murphy's way, will.

Before you get all excited about running out to buy this one, I gotta tell you it ends in a cliffhanger, to be continued in the next book, Magic at the Gate. I'd hang on till you can read them both straight through, knowing what I know now.

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