Thursday, August 12, 2010

Finder, by Emma Bull

Finder: A Novel of the Borderlands
This was definitely a top notch story. Some time ago, Shetterly and Bull and some of their friends created a shared world called the Borderlands, which I never did get around to picking up, though now that I mention it, I will have to do. This story takes place in the borderlands, and has a certain Michey Spillane tone that I loved. Finder, our hero, is a young human male with a talent for finding things. There’s a dangerous new designer drug in the Borderlands that those who become addicted to it think will turn them from human to elven, so that they can enter the realm of Faerie. The cops want Finder to help them catch the people behind the drug, and it gets wild and crazy from there. Most everything I’ve read by Shetterly or Bull I’ve enjoyed, and this was no exception.

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