Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Dragon, by Steven Brust

Dragon (Vlad)
I've been following the Vlad Taltos series, by Brust, for quite some time now, and I usually grab his latest novel off the shelf as soon as it hits the local stores. Dragon, which fits somewhere between Phoenix and Yendi, I think, is just out in paperback, so I bought it, then held off until I had some time to savor the entire experience in one fell swoop.

This is a good story which fills in some of the missing details from the rest of the series, such as how Vlad goes to work as Morrolan's security consultant, and how Aliera acquires the great weapon Pathfinder. We also learn a little more about Dragaeran Dragon clan (maybe it's more appropriate to call them a race) ideals and motivations.

There's plenty of action, tho of a different kind than we've grown to love Vlad for. In order to accomplish his mission, he joins an army as a foot soldier, and we see how he fares in straightforward combat, rather than his usual sneaky style. There's plenty of sarcastic dialogue and monologue from Vlad and Loish (his jhereg familiar), and a few interesting twists and turns to the plot.

However, I think Brust over-uses the device of bouncing around between times and events in Vlad's life in this one. It worked really well in Jhereg and Phoenix, but not so well in this one. Often, he switched right in the middle of a paragraph, which was disconcerting, to say the least.

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