Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Unto the Breach, by John Ringo

This is the fourth book in Ringo's series that started with Ghost. The title, of course, comes from the oft misquoted line from Henry V. Ex-special forces soldier, Mike Harmon, has once again been tasked with a deadly mission to stop biological weapons from falling into the hands of Chechen terrorists, and he and his Kildara warriors are up for the challenge.

I think that these books fall into a wish fulfillment category for Ringo, and probably many of his fans. Just things we'd like to see happen, rather than the total foul up that results from bureaucracy and normal human stupidity in the Global War on Terror these days. For example, there's a great sequence where Al Jazeera is doing an interview with a Chechen terrorist general, being broadcast live on CNN as the terrorists are claiming they're going to wipe out Mike's forces, with the usual accompaniment of jihadist bragging. Suddenly, the general's body explodes in a splash of gore, as one of the Kildara snipers uses his high powered rifle to spectacular effect, seen worldwide on tv.

Of course, there's some more obvious wish fulfillment stuff, showing how Mike deals with having a harem full of young nubiles, exercising his droit du seigneur in his fiefdom, and playing with a vast assortment of high tech weaponry. Oh, and don't forget the awesome beer they brew in the village!

This one has plenty of action, suspense, and a few good plot twists. If you haven't already, pick up the earlier books in the series and enjoy the ride!

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