Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Digital Knight by Ryk E. Spoor

Digital Knight
Having read another book by Spoor semi-recently,  I saw this one at the used bookstore and thought it might be interesting. Unfortunately, I was wrong.
This book appears to be a series of interconnected short stories about a technical wizard by the name of Jason Wood. In the first story, Jason is working on enhancing a group of digital photos that the police have turned over to him, and discovers something odd in one of the photos. There's a pair of footprints in the photo, where the grass is bent over as if someone is standing in that spot, but there's no one there. Upon investigating, he figures out that it may be a vampire, since if vampires don't appear in mirrors, and the type of camera used has mirrors inside of it, then the vampire wouldn't appear in the photo, either.
The vampire in question is suspected of dealing drugs to high ranking city officials, and the police detective who gave him the photos points Jason in the direction of Verne Domingo. Domingo, of course, turns out to be a vampire, but the plot twists a bit from there, and Jason ends up facing an entirely different vampiric villain, along with his friend/girlfriend Sylvie Stake.
In the end, the whole story turns out to be a shaggy dog, apparently written to use the line "Wood N' Stake, Vampire Hunters."
Things continue to go downhill from there, as Spoor introduces other legendary characters to the mix. The writing is, at best, unengaging. About halfway through, I decided I was wasting my time. Don't waste yours.

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