Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Lions of Lucerne, by Brad Thor

The Lions of LucerneSecret Service agent Scott Harvath is having a rough week. A crack team of kidnappers has slaughtered a protective detail, triggered an avalanche that almost kills Harvath and the president's daughter, and abducted the president. To make matters worse, Scott's tendency to operate outside of the rules has gotten him into serious hot water with his superiors, and they suspect him of having involvement in the whole plot.
This is, I think, the introductory novel in Thor's series about Harvath, and it's not too bad, actually. There are some places where I really have to suspend my disbelief, and a bit of deus ex machina salvation at the finish line, but the plot line, as far as solving the mystery step by step, seems to work pretty well. Pick it up at the library or used book store and enjoy.

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