Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Alpha and Omega, by Patricia Briggs

Alpha and OmegaThis book by Briggs is more or less a prequel to Cry Wolf and Hunting Ground. There's something gone horribly wrong with one of the werewolf packs in Chicago, and the Marrok's son and enforcer, Charles, is sent to investigate and deal with the situation. He meets with Anna at the airport, and goes back to her apartment with her.

Anna is a rare Omega type of werewolf. Omegas are highly valued because they reduce the amount of aggression in a pack by their mere presence. Alphas are not as likely to fight each other to the death in dominance battles, and newly-made werewolves are more likely to survive their first violent days of conversion when an Omega is nearby.

Charles deals very rapidly with the problems in the pack the next day and during his stay, his internal wolf decides that Anna should be his mate for life. None of this is a surprise to anyone who has read the other books in this series. I'd read Cry Wolf, and wondered a bit about the events referred to in that novel, which are neatly described in this book, which I just ran across at the library the other day.

This is barely a novelette, a mere light snack, but like a good appetizer, it whets the desire to read more Briggs.

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